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Category: Windows

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is an essential application in every smartphone nowadays.  Be it for communicating with office colleagues or catching up with friends, WhatsApp plays an essential role in today’s era.  We have even replaced WhatsApp as an instant mode of communication instead of official emails. We also see the groups being made on WhatsApp for all …

Top 10 Apps for Windows

Top 10 Free apps for Windows 10 | Best Apps for Windows 10 Free

Windows 10 is the best Operating System built by Microsoft. The windows store rids its developer of Updations and versions checkup Worries. Windows has been undeniably the masses’ choice for operating systems. After launching Windows 10 a couple of years back, Microsoft has been consistently upgrading its software to enhance user experience. Be it strengthening …

How to Fix DNS Error

How to fix DNS Server Not responding Problem

Home Network

How to Set a Personal home network, Home Networking Setup Guide

How to Setup Email on MS Outlook, Configure Outlook for Gmail/ Yahoo

Everyone uses email, and even though pretty much everything has gone mobile, some of us still prefer using computers to send and receive emails. The reason for this could be as simple as the convenience of locating documents from your computer and attaching them to your email. Or it may be the convenience of using …

Window Defender

Windows Defender Antivirus for Windows | Microsoft Defender Windows

We all love our personal computers, and why should we not? You store everything on it. Right from your vacation pictures to your first resume’ it’s all on your computer. Not to mention the number of digital activities everybody is involved in these days. Email, social media and financial transactions, everything is on a personal …