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Types of Online Marketing Platforms | 6 Best Digital Marketing Platforms

Online Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing can be categorized into two main groups, Online and Offline. Advertising on radio, television, etc. (which does not require an Internet connection) is a part of Offline Marketing whereas Online Marketing can be divided into SIX main categories. Check out 6 Types of Online Marketing Platforms:-

6 Types of Online Marketing Platforms to reach your Goals:-

Search Engine Optimization:

AKA SEO, is the most common Types of Online Marketing Platforms for getting the traffic from Free, organic or natural search results.  In this process, you can optimize your website to maximize its chances of being visible on relevant search results. This is possible only if you understand how the search results work.  Most importantly, the algorithms of search engine change frequently, so it is essential to keep yourself up-to-date with the best practices in the market to ensure that your website is visible on top results for the specific keywords.


Pay Per Click Advertising or Search Engine Marketing:

In this process, one can gain traffic on the website by purchasing Ads on Search Engine. Platforms like Google Adwords (which is the biggest and most popular paid search platform used by Marketers) and Bing Ads are the most common in terms of user reach. Apart from these two, there are many 2nd tier PPC platforms on major social networks.  In this model, the Advertisers are charged with a fixed amount every time someone clicks on their Ads. This way, the Digital Marketing platforms generate revenue, and the website owners can set the pr√©cised targeted audience for their website. 


Content Marketing:

Using this Digital marketing platform, you engage users by offering what they need. In other terms, you provide valuable, relevant and precise content to the users and keep them engaged. This is an ongoing process, which will eventually drive the customer towards practical action. For example, if you offer technical content, you can later have partnerships with different brands and offer users a discounted price for the specific products. Also, if you have a good number of visitors on your website, you can offer others to advertise their products on your website. However, you need to ensure that you have a quality content which is Great, easy to understand and most importantly, unique. Do not copy content from other websites ever.

Social Media Marketing:

We all use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. While most of us use Social Media Platforms to connect with friends and family, many people use this platform to monetize their business.  Businesses promote their products, services and often engage users via social media Ads and Posts. This is one of the best Types of Online marketing Platforms to reach the targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

Like discussed earlier, many websites have a good number of visitors every day. These websites can rent space to businesses and generate revenue for themselves. It is a little challenging to find the right set of the website as one website may work great in one region but may not be as effective in other regions.

Affiliate marketing

Email Marketing:

Being the biggest amongst all discussed here, email marketing is referred to as the backbone of the business. You can generate a huge amount of sales via email marketing. In this process, you keep in touch with customers in the form of Updates, Newsletters, Offers and what not. People want to have business with people they can trust. Building brand and customer rapport both are derived via email marketing.

Email Marketing

By this way, if you are a startup or new to Digital marketing platforms, you now at least have an idea on how to showcase your business to the world. 

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