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Which flagship Phone to Buy, Compare Samsung S10 Vs Apple iPhone XS

In today’s era, everyone wants to be stylish, trendy, and a superuser in terms of a mobile phone. Now, there are many options available in the market to choose from in terms of a high-end phone; however, the top runners in the race are Samsung and Apple. Users who can afford to spend more on a mobile phone either go to Apple or Samsung.

Comparison Samsung S10 and iPhone XS:-

Since the high-end users either opt for Apple or Samsung, let’s discuss today Which Flagship Phone to buy? Apple iPhone XS or Samsung S10.

Display: Apple iPhone XS is equipped with a 5.8-inch 19:5:9 AMOLED Screen which offers a resolution of 1124 x 2436. On the other hand, Samsung S10 comes with 6.1-inch Edge AMOLED+ screen offering a resolution of 1440 x 3040.  So if you are looking for a better screen resolution, Samsung s10 is defiantly is the winner in this segment. 

Comparison Samsung S10 and iPhone XR

Security: Samsung introduced the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with S10 and S10 + while Apple continued the same standard Face ID, which was seen in Apple iPhone X. This is very important feature to know Which Flagship Phone to buy

Samsung S10 VS iPhone XR

Camera: Samsung S10 offers three rear cameras combining a dual pixel 12 MP, 16 MP ultra-wide and 12 MP telephoto camera. While Apple offers Dual 12 MP camera, in the front, S10 is loaded with a 10 MP camera whereas Apple iPhone is equipped with 7 MP camera.

Camera Comparison Samsung S10 and iPhone XR

RAM: While Apple iPhone XS has 4 GB RAM installed, Samsung S10 is equipped with 8 GB of RAM. In terms of usage, for an average user, you will not find much of a difference in terms of performance as the operating system and apps are developed as per the hardware.

RAM Samsung S10 and iPhone XR

Processor: Apple introduced the A12 Bionic processor with Apple iPhone XS. In terms of Single Core or Multi-Core testing, no device can match the performance including the Samsung S10’s Exynos 9820 chip or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. In this aspect, Apple’s iPhone XS is actually unbeatable.

iPhone XR Vs Samsung S10 processor

Battery: Apple iPhone XS is backed up by 2656 mAh battery whereas Samsung S10 contains 3400 mAh battery. While Apple claims a complete day backup with an average user, but you cannot expect it to perform while you are gaming or streaming media on it.  Also, 3400 mAh is also not a great choice in terms of battery backup for Gamers and Media Streamers. So overall, both the devices come up with an average battery backup. 

Battery Comparison iPhone XR Vs Samsung S10

Wireless Charging: While both, Apple iPhone XS and Samsung S10 support wireless charging; Samsung came up with another new feature of PowerShare reverse charging. With the S10 and S10+ model, you can charge other devices too, which support wireless charging. So in this case, Samsung S10 user can actually assist an Apple iPhone XS user, but iPhone XS user cannot help him in any way.

Compare Iphone XS and Samsung S10

Storage: While Apple iPhone XS has a minimal non-expandable memory of up to 512 GB, the base model is equipped 64 GB storage option. For a 512 GB variant of iPhone XS, you really have to pay a considerable differential amount. On the other hand, Samsung’s S10 has the base variant of 128GB, and further you can go up to 512 GB. Also, you can additionally buy an external storage SD card and can increase the memory.

Storage Comparison of Samsung S10 and Apple iPhone XS

3.5mm Headphone Jack: While Samsung S10 continues the legacy by offering 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Apple iPhone XS has only one lightning jack to connect the wired headphones. This trend in Apple iPhones was discontinued after iPhone 6S and SE. So in other words, you can either charge your iPhone or use headphones until you buy another accessory like either a wireless charger or a multiple lightning port plug.

iPhone XS Vs Samsung S10

Summary: If you are a power user with multiple apps to use and test. Also if you feel like working on Phone more than a Laptop or a computer, then Samsung’ S10 is the right choice for you. However, if you think security and a stable phone is what you prefer, then we recommend you should go with Apple iPhone XS.

Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS

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