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How to Setup Email on MS Outlook, Configure Outlook for Gmail/ Yahoo

Everyone uses email, and even though pretty much everything has gone mobile, some of us still prefer using computers to send and receive emails. The reason for this could be as simple as the convenience of locating documents from your computer and attaching them to your email. Or it may be the convenience of using email clients to do more advanced tasks such as recalling an email.

How to Setup Outlook in Windows:-

Whatever your reason may be for using an email client, if you wish to Setup email on MS Outlook, you’re at the right place. Let’s get started with the step wise guide on how to Configure Outlook for Gmail/ Yahoo and other:

How to Set Up Outlook in windows
  • Which email account are you going to use? This is a trick question. If you wish to configure your Gmail/Yahoo or any other primary email service provider, you don’t have to break a sweat. Open your outlook application and enter your login credentials. However, if you are using an email account from a small scale service provider, you need to get the following details from them:
How to Configure Outlook
  • Incoming and outgoing mail server: These are essential details and are required to configure an email account on Outlook. You don’t have to do anything. Just ask your email service provider to share these details with you. 
How to setup outlook
  • Security Protocol Followed by your email: Most of the email service providers offer TLS or SSL level security, and you may not be able to configure your email account on Outlook properly if you don’t have this detail. Again, don’t worry about it as your email service provider shall have this detail ready for you.
Configure Outlook for Gmail
  • A version of Outlook: Microsoft had included Outlook in their Office suite for more than a decade now. And over the period, they have made their proprietary email client more and more secure. So if you are stuck with good old Outlook 2003 or 2007, you may have to get around a few more hurdles. We will talk about them later in this article. And, in case you keep yourself upgraded with Microsoft’s latest version of Outlook, it’s all set for you.
Setup Outlook in windows
  • POP or IMAP account: Without getting into the details of these jargons, let’s keep it simple. IMAP allows you to keep a copy of your emails on your email provider’s server so that you can access them from anywhere. However, POP makes your entire emails available exclusive on your computer. Take your pick before we make final move to configure Outlook for Email.
Setup Email on outlook
  • Changing settings for Gmail/Yahoo: Since security is of paramount for all the email service providers, Gmail and Yahoo make it a point to ensure the safety of your emails. Hence, to configure Outlook for Gmail/ Yahoo, you need to specifically tell them that you wish to use an email client. This can quickly be done by changing the settings in your email account. Following screenshot shows how to enable POP/IMAP on Gmail:
Outlook for Gmail/ Yahoo
  • Enable access for the less secure app: Don’t forget to allow access for less secure apps as discussed above. Here is the screenshot for enabling it in Yahoo mail:
How to Setup Outlook for Emails

Once you have these details handy, launch the outlook app and enter the credentials to get things moving.

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