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How to turn on Two Factor Authentication in Gmail Account, 2 steps Verification

How to Enable 2-steps Verification in Gmail Account

Passwords aren’t secure anymore! You read that right. Your password may contain multiple individual characters. It may also not have any of your personal information to make it less susceptible to being guessed or socially engineered. But that’s not enough either. In January this year, a cybersecurity researcher, Troy Hunt published in his blog that more than a billion emails and passwords were available on a file-sharing platform. Sounds scary, right?

Although the files are not available on the sharing platform but Troy believes that these files were a combination of all the data stolen over the recent years.

This means that hackers do not rely on simple data-stealing techniques. They exploit vulnerabilities in various systems. Things have been more of a nightmare really for security teams to keep all the leaks sealed. As an individual, you must also change the way you keep manage your login credentials to your accounts. If you have been using the two-decade-old method of choosing a secure password, (which involves selecting a combination of upper case, lower case, unique character and numbers) you need to change that. What’s the alternative you ask? Read on!

Step to set up 2-steps Verification for Google Mail:-

 Most of the websites use an email address as a username so that a user can fall back to it in case of forgotten/stolen passwords. This is why your priority should be securing your email account. In case you use Gmail as your primary email service account, you are in luck! Gmail and a few other leading email providers offer a two- factor authentication technique. The term may sound too technical, but it is suitable for securing your account. Think of it as an added security mechanism which you are prompted for even after keying incorrect password.

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To enable Two factor authentication, follow this guide on How to Setup 2 step verification (Please note that Google may ask you to enter your password during this process multiple times for security reasons):

1: Login to your Google Account: You may consider logging directly to the URL or login to Gmail and select My Account section from the top right-hand corner of your mailbox. 

Two Factor Authentication in Gmail Account

2: Go to the Security Section listed on the left-hand side menu.

Google 2 Step Verification

Step 3: Under the sign in to Google section enable 2-step verification. Flip the switch next to it and Google shall enable Two Factor Authentication for your email account.

Turn On Two-step Verification
Set up Gmail 2 step Authentication

Step 4: Google offers to set up your cell phone as your secondary sign in step:

Gmail 2 step Verification

Step 5: If your cell phone is not listed as a registered device, click on Don’t see your device and you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account on the new device.

Step 6: Click on Try Now once you have selected the device and Google shall send you the prompt on your phone. In my case, I got the prompt on two phones because I have been using Gmail on both of them.

Set up Gmail 2 step Authentication
Turn On Two-step Verification

Step 7: Next, you are prompted to confirm that the account belongs to you. Google sends a text or makes a call to your cell phone number (Don’t worry your phone number is safe with Google).

Step 8: And Tada! You have enabled Two Factor Authentication on your Google account. You may choose to use other options as well to complete this process. They include either a call or text message to your numbers or a Security Key (a particular device which is used for two-factor authentications, read additional cost). Both of the options are listed right where Google prompts you to select your phone for enabling Two-step verification.

Google 2 Step Verification

Step 9: Keep in mind to set up a backup method. Imagine if you happen to lose your cell phone or can’t access it due to any reason, you wouldn’t be login to your emails either. To save yourself from such trouble, consider setting up a backup option:

Two Factor Authentication in Gmail Account

Step 10: I prefer setting up backup codes as they do not involve any device and could be written down on a piece of paper.

There you go everyone; you just learnt how to set up 2-step verification on your phone. Do reach out to us in case you have any questions.

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