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How to fix DNS Server Not responding Problem

How to Fix DNS Error

Facing DNS issues or problems? Read the full article below on How to solve DNS Server Not Responding Issue.

Who doesn’t like spending time online? Since its inception, the Internet has come a long way, and more so, almost every aspect of human life is dependent on it. Be it grocery shopping or watching your favourite TV show, all it takes is a good internet connection and a computer.

But just like any other thing in life, your internet connection may end up troubling you. It’s not uncommon for the internet connections to break down, especially when you need them the most. Jokes aside, a computer without an internet connection is as good as a cell phone without battery. While there could be an along with a list of why is your Internet not working, most of them could be fixed by a simple reboot of your wireless router. Or there could be an issue at your Internet Service Provider’s end (which is very unlikely). However, if this is the case, your router shall display a red light, and all you need to do in such case is speak to your ISP, and they shall take care of it.

How to fir DNS Server not responding Error:-

There’s another popular reason for the Internet being unavailable on your computer, and that’s called DNS error. Now before we dive deep into how to fix DNS Error, let’s find out what exactly is DNS. DNS is an acronym for Domain Name Service. If you are a newbie like many of us when it comes to computer terminology, this could take a while to understand. The basic of the Internet is that every website you access is stored at a server (more of a computer but with better configuration which allows it to remain powered on for longer durations). And every server has been given an IP address. So, when you are accessing a website, in turn, the contents located at a particular IP address are being served to you.

Typical IP v4 addresses are 12 digits long. Imagine if you had to remember the IP address of every one of your favourite website. Sounds scary, isn’t it? And thus comes our beloved Domain Name Service to the rescue. Think of it as a phone book which stores the phone numbers against your contact’s name. So when you happen to dial a call to your friend Dave, you are actually dialling his phone number. But your phone saves you the trouble of memorising his phone number. The same way, DNS stores the IP address of the website against their domain names (,, etc.).

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And just like an ordinary phone book, DNS may also act up. And thus you may not be able to access the Internet. In case your browser shows that it is unable to connect to the Internet or you are unable to access a specific website, the chances are that DNS on your computer needs a little fixing. Follow these steps on how to fix DNS Server Not responding Problem on your computer:

1. Good old command prompt: Windows made sure that all of the essential functionalities can be accessed through the command prompt even in its latest Operating system.  And you can very well use the command prompt to reset the DNS on your computer too. Simple type “ipconfig/flushdns” on the command prompt window and it should do the trick for how to fix DNS Server Not responding Problem.

How to Fix DNS Error

2. Check if there’s an incorrect entry for DNS:

  • Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and click on the Wired or wireless adapter listed there.
How to fix DNS Not Responding Error
  • Make a Right-click on the corresponding adapter and click on properties.
How to Fix DNS Problem
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 in the next dialogue box and then click on properties at the bottom of the dialogue box.
DNS Server Error Fix
  • Make sure your computer is set to get the DNS server address automatically. In case you chose to set it up manually, make sure it appears like this
DNS Error Fix

These DNS addresses belong to Google and who better to trust when it comes to managing your DNS than Google.

If you still can’t access the Internet, try releasing and renewing the IP address of your computer. This could be done again by merely logging into command prompt and typing “ipconfig/release”, and “ipconfig / renew” sequentially.

This Stepwise Guide on How to fix DNS Error helps you out from facing the internet connection error.  Bookmark our website for more technical Queries.

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