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How to free up space on Iphone | Ways to Clear storage on Iphone

Apple from the beginning till date has never given its users the capability to expand the storage space on their iPhone. Though with the evolution in technology, the internal storage has also evolved from 8GB to 512GB for an iPhone. This internal space is enough for most of the users; however, still, some people find it less sometimes. Also, getting more internal storage means more money to invest, whereas some people cannot afford it and wondering how to free up space on iPhone.

So here at Technical Police, we are going to help you out to free up iPhone space. If you follow these basic necessary steps, we assume you will never run out of storage on an iPhone.

How to Clear Storage On iPhone:-

What all you store on an iPhone is really important.  So the methods on How to free up space on Iphone may vary.  As a standard user, you store photos, games, music, documents and apps. While the use of an iPhone may vary from one individual to another, we assume all users have these basic categories for sure. 

Some of us will like to have more and more images, while some would just love to add and have a vast collection of games. One may use the device, which will have loads of productivity apps; some will have tones of documents.

Clear Iphone Storage

First of all, you need to keep an eye on how much storage you have or is available on your iPhone.  While some users keep a constant eye on this, most of the users realize the storage is low only when the iPhone starts behaving strangely like sluggishness, freezing or crashing.

To check the memory usage, you need to go to

  1. Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Device Storage

Here you will see the storage status of your iPhone with the categories defined in colours. Now you know which group is consuming what amount of storage and helps you to free up Iphone Space.

For example, if the Photos are more, you need to consider working on photos. Or if photos are most important for you to have it on the iPhone, you need to make more space for them.  Also, once you scroll a little down, you will see each of the application with the exact amount of storage being consumed.  This is actually sorted as per the storage being consumed.

Now there are steps on how to clear storage on iphone.

First of all, we always recommend you to take the backup of the iPhone.  Once you have taken the backup of the device, you need to see which App is essential and which App you can get rid off to free up iphone Space.

Also, any app which is essential and taking loads of storage, tap on that App in the storage section itself, and you will see further options.

How to free up scape on Iphone

For example, if you open the photos app (Settings>General>Device Storage) you will see further suggestions like uploading photos to iCloud Photos or Deleting the photos from “Recently Deleted” Album.

Easy Ways to free Up Space On Iphone

Similarly, if you do the same with another app, like “Facebook”, you will get an option to “Offload App”.

Offloading an App means clearing its temporary files and deletes files, which do not impact you, personal preferences.  It is the popular method on how to free up space on IPhone.  

How to clear storage on Iphone

Also, furthermore, you get an option to “Reinstall” the App.  If the App is still available on the App Store for your region,  iPhone will automatically uninstall the App and reinstall it on the iPhone. Also, from the same section, you can remove the App from your iPhone permanently too. 

With this, now you know how to free up space on iPhone.

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