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How to Set Up an Email Account on MAC Mail App | MAC Email Account

How to setup email on Mac

Now a day, using webmail is a little troublesome, as you have to perform a set of steps to access your emails, especially on the go. Going to a browser, opening up the website of the email provider and entering username and password are the steps we need to perform to check our MAC email account. We all need an app that we open and have access to our data. For mail, these apps are called as email clients.

There are two types of email clients, one which is a part of your operating system (also called as a native email client) and another is you purchase or install separately (named as a 3rd party email client).

MAC Email Account

How to set up an email account on Mac Mail:

For the Mac Operating system, the native email client is called as Mac Mail.  In this article, we guide how to set up a MAC email account on Mac Mail. Also, we share the advantages and disadvantages of using email client over webmail.

Step 1:  Open the Mac Mail app and click on “Mail” on the top left corner.

Setup MAC Email Account

Step 2:  Under the “Mail” menu, click on “Accounts”, this will open up “system preferences”>” Internet Accounts”.  You can also reach this by directly going into system preferences and Internet accounts.

Setup Email on MAC

Step 3: Under “Internet Accounts”, you can choose what type of email account you are setting up. Is it a typical service provider email account like iCloud, Yahoo, Google, AOL or Microsoft.  You can also set up a Microsoft Exchange account (know more about the type of email accounts) using Mac Mail.

MAC Emails

If you want to configure a third party email account, like your company email account or provided by a 3rd party domain provider (not provided by providers discussed above), you also get an option to click on “Mail Account”.

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Step 4: Enter your complete name, email address and associated password.  If the email address is commonly used like google, yahoo, AOL, etc. then your account will be added in the MAC Mail app, if not, then it will ask for further information.

How to Add Emails on MAC Mail App

Step 5: Since it will not recognize other email providers except Google, Yahoo, AOL, you will need to enter a few more details like Account type (IMAP/POP-Know more about types of email account), Incoming mail server (to be provided by your email provider) and outgoing mail server (to be provided by your email provider).

How to Add an Email Account on Mac

Step 6: Usually above mentioned steps are enough to add an email account to the mac mail app.  However, in some cases, you also need a few more setting like Port Numbers and Security type.  These settings can be altered in the “Mail>Preferences” option by opening up the MAC mail App. Select “Accounts>Server Settings.”

How To Setup Email On Macbook

With this, we have successfully setup an email account on MAC Mail.

Now, let’s share the Pros and Cons to set up Email On MAC Mail.


  1. All your MAC email Account can be accessed in one app.
  2. You do not need an Internet Connection to access your emails.
  3. You get complete control over your email like; receive email from one account and forward using another MAC email account.
  4. Read receipts and delivery receipts are available, which are not possible on webmail.
  5. You can free up your email space by downloading emails on your Mac.


  1. Sometimes the email gets stuck in outbox.
  2. If not configured properly, you may face difficulties sending or receiving or both, and you will not realize it.

Since now we have discussed, if you are a pro or a regular user of emails, we recommend using an email client. However, keep in mind; you need to be very watchful in operating the email client.

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