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How To Setup Email On Android Phone, Configure Outlook on Android

Setup Email on Email Client on Android:- The world is evolving and so is technology. Gone were the days when writing an email required you to powering on your personal computer and connecting it to the internet. All you need is a cellphone, and that is more than enough for you to do pretty much basic computing. Although the browsers on your phones allow you to visit your email service provider and login, a mail app eliminates the need for you two login over and over again.

With Android being the dominating operating system for the cell phones as of writing this article, let’s see How to Setup Email on Android Phone.

How To Setup Email On Android Phone

Step 1: Look for an app from your email provider: Most of the email providers realized the importance of mobile phone operating systems and hence released their apps. All major email providers including Gmail and Yahoo Mails already have their apps on the Google play store. Open Play store app on your phone and search for AOL mail (Gmail is installed by default on most of the Android phones).

How To Setup Email On Android Phone

Download the app and Enter your credentials: Since there’s no shortage of fake apps on the play store which intends to steal your personal information, be careful about what you download. Verify the publisher of your email service provider’s app and then download it. Once downloaded, enter your login credentials and you shall get access to your emails instantly.

How To Configure Emails On Android

Your email service provider does not have an app: Let’s be realistic. Not all the email service providers are huge enough to offer apps setup email on android phone and maintain them. If your email service provider is one of them and you are tired of logging into the web browser to check your emails, fear not. You can still use an email app to configure your email and enjoy the features that a typical email service provider app offers. Choosing a reliable app for your email is a different ball game though. ASClout prefers using Microsoft Outlook as it comes with the assurance of being secure.

How To Configure Emails On Android

Setup your email on Outlook app: Unlike setting up emails for email giants on their apps, configuring an email account on outlook app is a little bit different. Before moving further, you need to have the following information available

  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server
  • Server Security Type
Set Up an Email on Android

You do not have to worry regarding these things. Your email service provider always has these details available. You contact them for the additional details. Once you have the email server settings available, follow this step by step guide to configure your email account on Outlook app (we will be setting one of our email accounts, to give you more clarity.

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