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How to use Guided Access on iPhone/ iPad | Setup Guided Access on Iphone XR

Much lesser know feature of an iPhone or an iPad, Guided access on iPhone lets you have complete security if you want to give your phone to a friend or someone to use it, like making a quick call, or showing something on your phone.

We all know that we have our complete identity residing in our iPhone or an iPad. This is the reason that sometimes you do not want to hand over your phone to someone. Imagine you are driving and your co-passenger like your Parents, siblings or even spouse picks up your phone to play a song from your phone…

How to use guided access on iPhone

Has it ever happened??? Most of us will say, “YES”. What happens next is you are busy driving and your co-passenger ventures out your chats, messages or even photos… sounds creepy but it is true. Here at Technical Police, we will help you on how to Use Guided Access On iPhone. Read the Full Article and Follow the Steps:-

How to Setup Guided Access On iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch:-

Imagine you want to show someone an article on the browser and it is a long article. Either you keep an eye on your phone so that user does not venture in any other territory or you lock your phone with the only webpage you have given access to this user and get back to your work without any worries.

With an iOS device, you can get this problem fixed and lend your phone without any hassles.  Enable the guided access on iPhone/ iPad and stay protected.

How to enable the Guided Access In iPhone/ iPad/ iPods:

Step 1: Under the settings menu, select Accessibility.

How to Setup Guided Access on Iphone

Step 2: Find Guided access and turn it on.

Guided Access for Iphone

Step 3: Set the passcode (only first time, or till the time you disable the Guided Access feature)

Step 4: Now open whatever app your someone wants to use like YouTube, Spotify,  etc.

How to enable Guided Access in IOS

Step 5: Press the home button three times (lock button where you do not have a home button like iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR)

Guided Access On Ipods

Step 6: Choose the area you want to protect access, like back option or forward option, and click on Start.

Setup Guided Access On IOS device

Now the options, which are protected by Guided Access on iPhone, are greyed out. User cannot click on those areas.  Also, user cannot go back to the home screen by pressing the home button (or by swiping up in devices like iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR).

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Most of us were not aware of this feature of Guided Access On iOS, but we are now. So let’s have complete control over our iOS devices and use them.

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