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Which Website to trust online, Website Credibility Checklist

How many websites are available in the world? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? A quick Google search shall answer this question for you. To save your time, let us tell you that there are over 1.8 billion websites available and thousands of them get activated every day. This means for every single one of your needs there are thousands of websites available. Do you ever check which website to trust Online so that your Data will not be misused? Here at Technical Police, we help you to check Website trust Online.

How To Check Website Credibility Online:

But are all of these websites secure? Do they all operate with the intentions of making life simpler for you? You probably know the answer. There’s a bit of evil in everything, and unfortunately, the World Wide Web (called internet) is filled with such evil. While the majority of the web browsers and search engines push very hard to keep your online presence safe, there is always room for improvement. So you must have How to Check Website Credibility.

That being said, as an individual you can never be too careful. Follow these tips and ensure that you don’t fall anything fishy/spamming online. Here is a list of Website Credibility Checklist:

1. Check for SSL certificate:

SSL abbreviates for Secure Sockets Layer. Without getting into the technical jargons any further, let’s consider this is a certificate that is issued a website if it is deemed to be authentic. There are various types of SSL certificates, and you don’t have to worry about any of them. Look for the green lock icon on your web browser the moment you access a website. If an SSL certificate is not installed on the Website, your browser will inform you of it and will advise you not to visit it. It is the first and for most important to check website Trust Online.

Check Website Credibility

2. Genuine Content:

There are tonnes of websites offering identical content and thus the possibility of you falling prey to the wrong ones. But how do you check website Credibility of the content? It’s simple! Do not visit any website until you are sure a legitimate source recommends it. For example, if you want to look for the latest news, search for it on Google or Bing or Yahoo.  Search engines like them have strict algorithms to protect you from possibly harmful content.

How To Check Website Credibility

3. Identify your Search Engine Results:

As we mentioned in the section above, use search engines as much as you can. But be very cautious about which website to trust online, as to make revenue search engines run ads too. Hence it is imperative for you to identify the correct result else you may end of visiting the Website which paid these search engines to place them on the top. Here’s an example of a search engine result for the latest news.

Website Credibility Checklist

4. Look for Pay Secure signs on shopping websites:

With constant updates in security measures taken by various governments, the shopping websites are now mandated to ensure the security of their customers’ personal and financial information. Any website that offers any service or product in exchange for money must offer a money back guarantee in case the customers are unhappy. This guarantee may or may not apply to certain products such as perishable items. In either case, the issues of the secure sign by significant payment processors ensure that your money is safe and you get entitled to buy what you pay for. So to check website credibility look for pay secure signs.

Which Website To Trust Online

5. Check for Privacy Policy or terms of use:

This is an important Step for How to Check Website Credibility online. Every legitimate Website would have a document which tells their visitors about their rights while using the site. This document tells you explicitly what you are entitled to while you visit a particular website. Read it carefully (although a tough task but it may save you tonnes of money if you intend to purchase something of that Website).

Check Website Trust Online

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