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Upcoming Apple Products 2019 | New Apple Products Coming Soon

Upcoming Apple Products

It is anticipated that Apple will update almost every line of products in the year 2019. What is expected in 2019 is AirPods2, Mac Pro, Pro Displays, iPad mini 5 and obviously new iPhones and more. Check out New Upcoming Apple Products 2019:-

1] AirPods 2: 

With the great success with AirPods series 1, Apple’s AirPods 2 will have significant and advanced features like monitoring heart rate, better grip than AirPods series 1 and pre-equipped wireless charging case. We may also see the AirPods 2 available in “Black” colour apart from original White.

Upcoming Apple Products 2019

2] 16-inch MacBook Pro:

Last 17-inch MacBook was shipped in late 2011. After that, Apple has not come up with anything above 15-inch display size. This year, we may expect a 16-inch MacBook Pro for people who still miss the MacBook 2011 era. This is most popular among new upcoming products of an apple this year.

New Apple Products

3] iPad Mini 5:

According to the indications of International Regulatory Filings, a new model of iPad might be on its way.  Similar to the previous product, iPad mini is expected to have a headphone jack, 7.9-inch display and Touch ID. It is still missing the Face ID. High probability of adding Smart Keyboard support with Apple Pencil.

New Upcoming Apple Products

4] 2019 iPhone:

It is expected that Apple will release three iPhones this year following the 2018 trend.  Like 2018, we may witness two OLED models like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a cheaper LCD model like iPhone XR.  Also, rumoured this year would be the last year Apple offering an LCD screen based iPhone and Apple will move entirely to OLED in the year 2020.  However, this shift is possible this year too.

New upcoming products of apple

We may have a triple camera at the rear but the similar setup of the camera in the front, however with a quality upgrade.

It is also rumoured that Apple will offer bilateral wireless charging (similar to new Samsung Galaxy 10+), which will provide charge to other wireless devices. Additional new updates may be a larger battery and frosted glass at the back taking away the glossy look at the back.  Also, you never know, these new devices may come up with USB-C charging connectors instead of Lightning, like what we witnessed in iPad Pro.

5] 2019 Mac Pro:

Complete new modular design, easy to upgrade and a new “pro display” is what is expected out of Mac Pro in 2019. Though, not much of the information is shared on this line of Upcoming product of Apple.

New Apple Products

6] Apple Professional 6K Display:

6,144 by 3,072 resolution, 31.6-inch 6K3K display will be equipped with a mini LED-like backlight design to deliver an outstanding picture quality.  This is a major successor to Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, which was discontinued on 23rd June 2016. That’s why all apple lover want this in the list of Upcoming Apple Products 2019

new Apple products coming soon

7] iPad 7th Generation:

 Design borrowings form iPad Pro, bigger screen (10.2-inch instead of 9.7-inch), Smart Keyboard support and Touch ID is what we anticipate from iPad’s 7th Generation this year.  This is the most awaited new Apple products coming soon.

Upcoming Apple Products

8] AirPower:

Originally expected to launch in 2018; hopefully, this year, Apple will give some air to AirPower. It will allow charging up to three devices wirelessly such as iPhone, AirPods charging case and Apple Watch.

Apple Airpower

9] Apple Watch Series 5:

Apple watches Series 5 is another expected New Apple Products 2019. We may get back the ceramic body option in Apple Watch Series 5, which was discontinued in Series 4.  Sleep Tracking, enhanced battery life (for sleep tracking) might be the included features this time.  Also, it will be so cool if Apple Watch works with Android phones too, but you never know.

New Apple Products

No noise about iPod Touch, Apple TV, iMac and Mac mini. Maybe we all get surprised by some changes in these New Upcoming Apple Products 2019.

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