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Top 10 Apps For iOS You Must Have in 2019:-

Top 10 IOS Apps

With new apps getting updated on App Store every day,  we present you the list of Top 10 Apps For iOs. 

1. Google Maps (Free):

Though you get Maps application inbuilt in an iPhone, but still there are some places in the world where Apple’s Map application is not available or updated. In this case, the most common and most efficient app for Maps comes into the play, and we all know its powered by Google, so it has to be in the Top 10 Apps For iOs.  Except for China…

Top 10 Apps for iOS

2. BillGuard (Free): 

Well, managing finances is tricky as well as complicated. We all indulge, some time or the other, in unnecessary shopping or spending. Billguard is the Best Iphone Apps Must Have to keep your stuff organized.  This app keeps track of your spending habits and let you manage or at least realize where you spent. It even notifies you of recurring charges of services you are paying which you either do not use or have stopped using.

Best Iphone Apps Must Have

3. Buffer (Free):

Like Hootsuite, you can now schedule your social media post for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Want to be present when most of the audience is available, yes you can do it now. You can even analyze the statistics of your post and see the performance.

Best IOS Apps

4. Dashlane (Free):

Spending online is like breathing. Dashlane lets you manage your online spending by saving your payment method, saving receipts of your expenditure.  That is why it is in the list of Top 10 iOs Apps.

Top 10 iOs Apps

5. Zillow (Free):

Simple to use and, most importantly, efficient. This app lets you find any property, be it to buy or to rent. All this you get without hidden or incomplete information.

IOS Apps

6. Fooducate (Free):

Food App, Health App and Free App, What else do you wish for? Fooducate is one of the best Top 10 Apps For iOs. You go to the grocery store and check the product label for ingredients to determine its health value, but how much do you know about the ingredients and the terms used? All you get to do now is scan the barcode of the product and get the “Grade”. All the products available in the database of this app are Graded based on their Nutritional Value and controversial ingredients.  It will even show the reason for such Grade the product has obtained. Now, this is what is called smart shopping. 

Top 10 iOs Apps

7. MyFitnessPal (Free):

You guessed it right. After shopping for healthy food products, why not a bit of a workout. We recommend this app in our list of Best Top 10 iOs Apps because it will set a realistic goal for your fitness plan, and you get strict boundaries to adhere to. You can also track your meals, earning and spending calories. All this, free…

Top 10 Apps For iOs

8. Onavo Extend (Free):

Onavo is another productive app in our list of Top 10 Apps For iPhone. Do you travel a lot or on a limited data plan? Nowadays, data plan limits are very common and more common is exceeding the limit of your data plan. Onavo is designed to save your data plan and keep track of which app is consuming more data. 

Top 10 Apps For iPhone

9. Shazam (Free):

Car, café, gym, the party almost everywhere, you get into a situation where you loved a song and did not know the name of it.  The worst part, you forget till the time you listen to the same song again. Well, Shazam will hear the song for you and will tell you complete details about it. Also, you get an option to get this song from the available repository in no time. It is really Best Iphone Apps Must Have in your smartphone.

Best Iphone Apps Ever

10. Spotify (Almost Free):

The best music app in the world!!! Yes, we mean it. Listen amongst millions of songs online.  Though not that great with radio picks and custom stations, this app offers best premium services so far.  Downloading the app is free, but to access the playlists, you need to have a subscription that is $10 a month. But trust us, it’s worth to be in Top 10 Apps For iOs. 

10 Best Apps for IOS

We have eliminated the obvious apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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