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Top 10 Free apps for Windows 10 | Best Apps for Windows 10 Free

Top 10 Apps for Windows

Windows 10 is the best Operating System built by Microsoft. The windows store rids its developer of Updations and versions checkup Worries. Windows has been undeniably the masses’ choice for operating systems. After launching Windows 10 a couple of years back, Microsoft has been consistently upgrading its software to enhance user experience.

Be it strengthening their own Anti Virus, Windows Defender, or making their operating system less crash-prone, Microsoft has done an applauding job. However, you would still need some additional software to make your computing experience exceptional.

Top 10 Apps For Window

Here’s our list of Top 10 Free apps for Windows 10:

1. Skype: Comes in handy for chatting and makes audio and video calls exceptionally smooth.  It is one of the best Top 10 Free Apps for Windows 10. Unlike other popular video and audio calling software, Skype lets you connect with people without sharing your details with them. Cheery on the cake about Skype is, Microsoft acquired it. Which means you can rely on the credibility of the application.


2. Google Chrome: Even though Microsoft introduced Edge with its latest operating system, Google Chrome still has the upper hand in terms of browsing. Chrome is Best Apps for Windows 10 Free. Also, there are tonnes of browser extensions available for Chrome which makes your web browsing experience a lot more pleasant.

Google Chrome

3. Mozilla Firefox: Yet another astonishing web browser which is not just free of cost but is open source. This allows talented developers across the globe to design and develop finest browser extensions for you. Also, it’s easy on your computer’s resources, unlike Google Chrome which consumes a considerably higher amount of memory. Keeping both the browsers is prudent as they have their own merits and offer you stunning browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox

4. Notepad ++: Microsoft has been offering its proprietary text editor Notepad since its early days, notepad++ makes a huge difference. With its capability to distinguish text in various colours, it makes it a preferable choice for basic coding needs as well.


5. Open Office: Right from writing a resume’ to managing your monthly expenses, you would need a rich text editor and spreadsheet software. Microsoft offers them with their Office Suite; however it’s a little costly, and if you are tight on the budget, you may consider using open office suite.

Open Office

6. Ad Blockers: They are not software per se but are handy at times. You should consider installing them as your browser extensions so that you don’t get bombarded with really annoying advertisement.

Ad Blocker

7. VLC Media Player: One of the most trusted media players, which has been into existence almost as long as the existence of Windows.  That is why it is one of the best Windows 10 apps Free. Windows media player is no match to VLC media player when it comes to the ease of usage and the sort of formats it supports.

VLC Media Player

8. Mozilla Thunderbird: This is a boon for those who email a lot that is why it is Best Free apps for Windows 10. Microsoft offers its Outlook as an email client (paid software) which makes it a less viable option. Using Mozilla Thunderbird solves that purpose. Microsoft has also launched its own Mail app which comes at no extra cost with Windows 10. This still does not defeat Thunderbird as this email client from Mozilla allows you to store your emails locally on your computer.

Mozilla Thunderbird

9. C cleaner: Piriform has been offering this software since the early days of Windows, and they still hold a significant share in the realm of computers and maintain its position in Best Windows 10 App Free. C Cleaner allows you to clean junk files from your computer along with utilizing the disk space efficiently. 

C Cleaner

10. Download Manager: AnotherApplication inTop Free apps for Windows 10 is Download manager. We all use the Internet to download data, music and videos. Since most of us rely on browsers to do this task, we never consider using a download manager. It enables you to keep your downloads in check and does not get interrupted if you lose internet connectivity momentarily.

Download Manager

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