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Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android Phone

top 10 productivity apps for android

Top 10 productivity apps for Android phone:- We all use android phones now a day. Some people use smartphones to play games, and some spend their entire day working on a smartphone.

Keeping this in mind, we bring must-have top 10 productivity apps for Android phones (free or paid).

Also, not to forget, specialized apps related to a specific domain like photography or stock exchange are not we are talking about here.

These Productivity apps are general and will come in handy while operating your smartphone.  We also are not including apps, which optimize your smartphone.  So technically, this list only consists of must-have Android Productivity Apps your smartphone.

1] SHAREit (Free):

This apps gives you a whole new experience of sharing files free of cost on cross platforms. Be it Android to Android or Android to ios or ios to Android. SHAREit claims the data transfer is about 200 times faster than Bluetooth and can reach up to the highest speed of 20M/s. You can also transfer all types of files including Photos, Videos, Music, Movies or even installed apps. Also, the quality is not compromised while the Data is transferred. This is the Best Android Productivity Apps for Sharing files.


You also get an inbuilt excellent video player (supporting all standard formats) and music player (providing powerful equalizer) with SHAREit

Download the SHAREit on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 21 MB
Powered and developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd

2] Facebook Lite (Free):

Keeping in mind lite users and keeping data consumption less, works in almost all network conditions including 2G internet.

Your problem is also solved if your smartphone has less storage available. 

Facebook Lite

Notable features like Timeline, Liking Photos, searching someone, Editing your profile details and groups are the key features. Other features include:  Post Status, Share photos, get notifications when someone likes or comments on your posts, finding local events, follow people to get their updates and most significant marketplace.  This is one of the Best Android Productivity Apps to save storage.

Download the Facebook Lite on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 1.4 MB
Developed by Facebook

3] WhatsApp Business (Free):

The Most common and most straightforward tool to talk to the customers. With this App, you get a business presence on WhatsApp. Resulting in a more efficient way to communicate with customers and helping your business grow. Most importantly, you can have your personal WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp on the same phone. However, you need to use separate numbers to register. What do you get in WhatsApp Business is an option to create a business profile, where the customers can get to know more about your business like website, location or contact information. You can also set automatic away response on WhatsApp Business to keep your customers informed that you are away or on a break or an off. Now the WOW feature, if you do not want to share your mobile number with your users, WhatsApp Business can also use your fixed line or a landline number. You get an option to verify your number via call on a fixed line or a landline number.

WhatsApp Business

Just keep in mind, once you restore your chat backup from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, you cannot restore it to WhatsApp Messenger. For this, it is recommended to backup WhatsApp messenger on your phone and move it to your computer before you restore it on WhatsApp Business.

Download the WhatsApp Business app on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 22 MB
Developed by WhatsApp Inc.

4] Youtube Go (Free):

What more you would want from Youtube now? You get an option to watch videos without spending much on the Data. Yes, Youtube Go allow you to watch your favourite videos without eating up your data bandwidth. 

It even works when you have a slow Internet connection. You can discover popular videos like songs, movies, TV Shows and what not. You can also download your favourite videos, provided if they are available to download. You can choose to download or watch a video. Preview the video before you view or download. And you can also set the data limit to spend on Videos.

Productivity App- Youtube Go

Once the videos are downloaded, you can watch them with slow or even no Internet connection as many times as you like without spending data every time.

Download the Youtube Go app on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 9 MB
Developed by Google LLC

5] CAMScanner –

Phone PDF Creator: Gone are the days when you need to find a physical scanner to scan a document. This App is beneficial when you are on the go, and you need to scan or send an important document to someone.  That is why it is in the Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android Phone. Just open the camera in the App to digitize the document — scan images like receipts, invoices, business cards, documents or certificates. You can also optimize the scan quality basis of your preference.

Best Android Productivity App- CAMScanner

The OCR feature in the App can extract the text from the image for searching, editing or sharing only the text using any other medium or App. You can create a document in JPEG or PDF and share it on an email, messengers or even post it on social media. AirPrint feature is also available where you can instantly print the document from your phone. If the records are confidential or sensitive, you can set up a password for viewing the document.  You can pay for the premium app monthly (USD 4.99) or one entire year (USD 49.99).  It even supports 3rd party cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox.

Download the CAMScanner – Phone PDF Creator Go App on Android here <DOWNLOAD NOW>

File Size: Less than 2 MB
Developed by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd

6] QR & Barcode Reader (Pro):

Now you can scan all the barcodes from services like eBay, Amazon or even Google. It gives you the ability to scan most common barcode formats like QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, Code 39 and many more. You can open URLs, connect to the WiFi Hotspots, add calendar events, read VCards or find product information using this App.

This app helps to scan images without granting access to your phone memory as storage, resulting in no malicious data being stored on your phone. You can detect codes from pictures directly using the camera. Even the images in dark or smaller images or images from a distance are no problem as you can use flashlight and zoom feature within the App. 

Qr & Barcode for Android

Also share the data stored in the codes with others. You can also manage the searched history by exporting them into a CSV format into Excel or save it on google drive. You get the App even in less than USD 1

Download the QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) app on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: Less than 3 MB
Developed by TeaCapps

7] Voice Notes (No Ads): 

We all know you speak faster than you type on a smartphone.  With this App, you can continuously receive speech and convert it into text. You can also note down a reminder and set them as alarms when you need. The notes created are automatically stored in the storage of your smartphone and can be backed up quickly over the cloud. You can also create notes by categories, which can be customized. The stored text can also be easily shared with friends and other smartphone users. Even when the display is off, it works. 

Voice Notes for Android Phone

With more than 20 languages supported, you can take notes in your desired language. You will need to install google voice search v6.15.24.21 at least as it is the requirement as a speech to text engine (most of the smartphones have it pre-installed). With the one time payment of about USD 3, you can have the pro version which disables ads.

Download the Voice Notes (No Ads) App on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 3.28 MB
Developed by Pacific Fisher Group

8] Grammarly Keyboard – Type with confidence (Free):

Error-free writing is art. Be confident with professional, polished and mistake-free writing. Install the Grammarly keyboard and get your writing skills verified by hundreds of checks and feature. Above all, this keyboard gets seamlessly integrated with your smartphone whether you are typing emails, LinkedIn messages or Facebook posts. This is the Best Android Productivity Apps for writers.

Grammarly Keyboard Productivity App for Android

Download the Grammarly Keyboard – Type with confidence app on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 90.65 MB
Developed by Grammarly Inc.

9] iTranslate Translator & Dictionary (Free):

When you travel abroad, you need to hire a translator. Results, spending hundreds of Dollars. Now you don’t. With this much convenient App, you can translate into over 100 languages.  Easily translate text or have a real-time speech-to-speech translation. This is Best Productivity Apps for Android to translate your text in more than 100 Languages

iTranslate Translator for Android

With the offline mode, you can translate them without even connecting to the Internet as a data limit is a factor while travelling abroad. You can switch between male or female voice, or switch dialects as you speak.

Download the iTranslate App on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE>

File Size: 29.55 MB
Developed by iTranslate

10] TeamViewer for Remote Control (Free): 

Next in the list of Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android Phone is TeamViewer for remote control. Gone are the days when desktops or computers had more weight than a smartphone in our life. However, still, there are people around who work most of the time on a computer. And most importantly save the Data on the computer and walk away with just a smartphone in hand. This situation is faced by almost everyone be it Students, Business Professionals or Top executives.

Team Viewer andorid App

A simple solution to this problem, if you remember when your Data is on the computer, take the access to it. With this App, you can access your computer anytime, anywhere provided both the devices (your computer and your smartphone) have TeamViewer running and connected to the Internet.

Download the TeamViewer for Remote Control app on Android here <DOWNLOAD HERE >

File Size: 25 MB
Developed by TeamViewer

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