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Top 10 Smartphones Under 250 USD, Best Unlocked Smartphones 2019

With most of us getting used to of Smartphone, buying one is becoming more expensive these days, specially the flagship phones.

In this guide, we tell you which Smartphone you can buy without compromising the latest features and performance. You may not get fancy features like folding screen or an on-screen fingerprint sensor, but yes these Top 10 Smartphones under 250 USD meet your day-to-day activity. Here we have Listed Latest Smartphones Under 250$ with the Specification.

Top 10 Smartphones Under 250 USD

As the top end flagship phones are getting better and better these days, so do the cheap smartphones.  Electronics market has made it possible to get you more and more features without burning a hole in your pocket.  These Best Unlocked smartphones under 250 USD by technical Police are tried and tested by many users and get a very positive ranking, especially when the value for money is your top priority.

Top 10 Unlocked Smartphones Under 250 USD:-

You can always go for a budget smartphone without a contract and then buy a sim card separately.  This way, you have the outright right which service provider you want to go with, upgrade your phone any time, and not pay an additional cost to your service provider.

Should you buy a Chinese phone?

Well, the answer is yes and a no. Depends on what phone you are buying. Smartphones like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, etc. all are being manufactured in China. You can buy the best budget Smartphones, made anywhere in the world, till the time it has a valid IMEI number.

Smartphones In Budget

Now, what is an IMEI number? This is a unique identification number given to your phone. Your phone’s IMEI number will be listed on the box of the phone, at the back of your phone/inside the battery cover of your phone or dial *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI number. There are some phones, without IMEI numbers; using a phone without IMEI number is illegal and dangerous.

What do I compromise in a budget smartphone?

With the massive cut in cost, you should not expect high-end features comparing to high-end flagship phones — features like camera quality, high-resolution display, wireless charging, NFC, etc. Though, the elements may be apt for you.

Top 10 Budget Smartphone Under 250 USD:-

We give you a complete comparison of the below-listed Top 10 Smartphones Under 250 USD at the end of the article, so stay tuned and get the overview of these first:

1. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Approx $200): 

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

You cannot have a budget phone better than this. This phone has a premium design, 19:9 notch display screen and a dual rear camera. All this comes with a decent performance. Storage is immense; you get an internal 64GB storage space and can add up to a 256GB micro SD card. Guess what, you can add this micro SD card without removing your secondary SIM card. Yes, all three work together.  This phone is Best Unlocked Smartphones 2019 in your budget.

2. Honor 10 Lite (Approx $200):

Honor 10 Lite

This is one of the best smartphones under 250 USD you should consider. Within our range, this phone has the best battery life. It is packed with a dual camera and large screen too. The cameras are not too great in low light, and the material used in the phone is plastic, but the performance is excellent.

3. Moto G7 Power (Approx $249):

Moto G7 Power

This is a decent alternative to Honor 10 Lite as the phone is equipped with the near-pure android interface, excellent battery life that should suffice two days. This phone has a single rear camera.

4. Moto G7 Play (Approx $200):

Moto G7 Play

Without high-end interface, this phone offers lag-free user experience. As the name suggests, you can play high-end games without hassle, even PUBG Mobile. The phone has a plastic back but still looks premium. Though, the camera is not so good. Images are usually bright and well lit, but the autofocus system needs improvement. If you are not a photographer, go for it. It is Best Budget Smartphones Under 250 USD.

5. Moto E5 (Approx $100):

Moto E5

This is the best on the list.  With the kind of money you are spending, you cannot get a better deal. This Budget Smartphone has everything you are looking for, as an average budget phone user. The phone is packed with a camera, fingerprint sensor, average screen and a good battery. The design looks premium too.

6. UMIDIGI One Pro (Approx $170):


This phone, when discussed, is too good to be true in terms of features. It supports fast charging, NFC, 19:9 IPS Display, dual-camera, fingerprint sensor mounted on the side and amazing design. We guess, no one has any idea why this phone is so cheap.

7. Huawei P Smart (Approx $200):

Huawei P Smart

This is an identical twin brother of Honor 10 Lite. The only plus is you get a better front camera and a case packed in the box.

8. Moto G6 Play ( Approx $199):

Moto G6 Play

Similar to Moto G6, this phone has a better battery life and a cool looking fingerprint sensor. The 18:9 Display and a premium plastic finish design do not compromise on the performance too.

9. ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 (Approx $200):

ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1

This monster leaves behind everyone in the race in terms of the battery life. With a massive 5,000mAh battery, all you need to do is forget looking for charging port. Though, it lacks NFC, but who cares. The screen is really big and bright.

10. Sony Xperia L3 (Approx TBC):

Sony Xperia L3

This smartphone is bundled with Dual Camera at the back, big screen with an above average brand name.  The phone comes with a 720p display and an average performance, which can cause a struggle for this buddy in front of Moto and Xiaomi.

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