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Windows Defender Antivirus for Windows | Microsoft Defender Windows

Window Defender

We all love our personal computers, and why should we not? You store everything on it. Right from your vacation pictures to your first resume’ it’s all on your computer. Not to mention the number of digital activities everybody is involved in these days. Email, social media and financial transactions, everything is on a personal computer these days. Who would have thought about a decade and a half ago that a personal computer would become such an essential part of our day to day life? 

With that being said, there are whole sets of troubles to keep all of your personal information safe. An obvious choice would be to install an antivirus. People have been using antivirus for their personal computer for quite some time now, and with a lot of options available in the market today, it becomes complicated to pick just one.

Window Defender Antivirus

Well, fear not! Microsoft has one stop solution for your antivirus needs. It’s called Windows Defender. Microsoft had Windows defender antivirus bundled up with its operating systems for quite some time now. And let’s be real, it wasn’t good in its initial days. How could it be? Microsoft was perfecting its operating system and offering its users an antivirus, which was amazing was probably taking a lot of efforts. But after they came up with Windows 10, they had put in tonnes of efforts in building a perfect antivirus, and it won’t be an overstatement to say, they succeeded.

Window Defender Antivirus Review for Windows

Windows defender antivirus is now at par with the most renowned antivirus solutions available in the market, and in some cases, it has proven to be even better than some of the long establish antivirus solutions. In fact, Microsoft advised its users sometime back that they do not need any third-party antivirus software as long as they keep Windows defender antivirus updated. But is that enough?

To answer this question, let’s see what Windows defender antivirus can do for you and what it can’t:


1. It can offer real-time protection against threats. In simple words, you do not have to run a scan every time to check if a malicious file has entered your computer. Windows defender antivirus does this on its own.

2. Smart screen filter: Although this functionality is in its primitive stage, but does the job really well. Windows defender antivirus checks for any application that is being installed on your computer and check for its existence against Microsoft’s publisher’s list. If it can’t find any reliable information about the application, it informs yours beforehand about it. Similarly, while browsing on Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Defender Windows, scans for all downloads for possible threats and notifies you about them or blocks them as per your selection.

Windows defender

3. Network and Firewall protection: This has been a huge selling point for traditional antivirus solutions but not anymore. Windows Defender is quite capable of handling home computers and small network based computers and their network security.

Microsoft Windows Defender

4. Restricts access: We all know that the internet is both good and evil. With kids at your home, it becomes quite difficult to ensure what they surf online. With Microsoft Defender Windows, this could also be taken care off.

Microsoft Defender Windows


Like we mentioned beforehand, Microsoft Defender Windows can cater to the needs of home users and their small networks. But it definitely cannot handle the requirements of an enterprise. With complicated network arrangements and the access policies in place, large business systems definitely need something more advanced.

But as long as you use a home computer and do not need to do a lot on your computer, you are good to go with Windows Defender antivirus.

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